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  • Joe Graviss

Thank you for your support!

Debbie and I thank everyone that demonstrated their faith in me to be a different type of public servant and helped us in the election for the 56th house district 2 years ago and the Kentucky State Senate 7th district election just finished.

We are extremely grateful to the multiple hundreds of folks that contributed money, time, and talent to our campaigns and service in the legislature. It truly is and was a team effort. I am honored that so many people believed in my lifetime of service to our communities and wanted to help me continue that service as your Senator in Frankfort.

It is only with committed volunteers and supporters that I was able to be of service to Kentucky. Due to people like you giving your prayers, financial support, hosting Zoom events, making phone calls, writing postcards, texting, Facebook, putting out yard signs, telling your friends about me, handing out literature, providing advice, guidance, technical support, mentoring or whatever you did, it made a difference. At least to me. 

Our support was wide and deep, just not enough. I pray that the newly elected officials in the 56th house district and 7th senate district, and all over Kentucky, work for the common good as I did, and dedicate themselves to you as I did, and not fringe special interests. Kentucky Democrats are not the enemy. Poverty (both spiritual and financial), lack, abuse, neglect, closed hearts and minds, hate, injustice, indifference, greed, pollution, hypocrisy and emotional immaturity are among the enemies robbing our great Commonwealth of better days.

Moving forward, as I have in my lifetime of striving to be a good and faithful servant, I pledge to you that I will remain hardworking, honest, open, transparent, collaborative, and accessible. It is results, not credit, that matter to me.

My cell number is 859-433-4392 and email is so please reach out to me anytime.

Thank you once again for your kindness, generosity, time, effort and (continued) prayer that you put into supporting someone who just wanted to work hard making things better for everyone. You made a difference, it really helped, and I am grateful.

Joe Graviss

56th District Representative

Kentucky House of Representatives

P.O. Box 1002

Versailles, KY 40383


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